Service over Self

Working Dogs

Working Dogs - Service over Self

More than just Pets

Animals in our everyday lives provide us comfort, love companionship and even protection. However, to some, animals are more than that; they are specifically trained to help protect and serve.

From the military and police force to persons with disabilities, working dogs are highly trained to perform important and sometimes dangerous tasks. These tasks include anything from guiding those who are visually impaired, calming a person with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder during an anxiety attack or detecting suspicious activities.

Join us as we salute working dogs and their dedication to helping improve the quality of life for those in need.

Continued Service

Justin’s wife, Carol, is a former government-contracted service dog training instructor, during which time she worked with Gabe and Justin throughout their advanced training process. After Justin’s medical retirement from the U.S. Army in 2013, Carol and Justin moved to Tampa, FL where Justin attends the University of South Florida, and Carol is pursuing her dream of starting her own nonprofit. Valor Service Dogs is a 501(c) (3) organization that trains and places mobility assistance and PTSD dogs with wounded veterans.