Join us as we

locally and globally.

the love you have for your pets &

the tremendous work of veterinarians,


Dennis' Odyssey &


Dennis the dachshund lost 46lbs since he was adopted in 2013.
The video above takes you on his journey to a healthy life.

Love Your Pet, Trust Your Vet - African Gorillas

Jack Hanna, and Partners In Conservation
at the Columbus Zoo salute and support
the dedication of the Gorilla Doctors. Follow their journey here...


Love Your Pet, Trust Your VetTM
campaign celebrates the love you have for your pets and the work of veterinarians, locally and globally.

JOIN us in the celebration: SHARE with us your pet/vet images, videos and stories using #LoveUrPet!

"Love Your Pet, Trust Your Vet" and Cosequin Videos Playlist

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