A Family Love Story

Jungle Jack Hanna

Dennis the dachshund lost 46lbs since he was adopted in 2013.
The video above takes you on his journey to a healthy life.

Jungle Jack Hanna - A Family Love Story

Love for animals

As a young boy living in Tennessee, I was enamored with animals, starting with my collies Vandy and Lance! Would you believe I even brought a donkey to college?! I am incredibly fortunate that my love for wildlife has become my life’s work. Suzi and I raised our girls around all sorts of animals. As a zoo director, there was never a shortage of interesting sights and sounds in our home – but our dogs were truly part of the family.

Love for Cosequin

Taking care of our furry family members has always been a priority.  Our veterinarians are like our family members, too, and when they recommended Cosequin to keep our dogs active, we eagerly accepted the recommendation.  Suzi and I love the outdoors – hiking, swimming, exploring – and we want our dogs to lead the way!  Cosequin’s results speak for themselves, but we’ve also had the pleasure of getting to know the makers of Cosequin at Nutramax Laboratories and we share the same values and commitment to animal health.