The Comeback

Dennis the Dachshund

Dennis the dachshund lost 46lbs since he was adopted in 2013.
The video above takes you on his journey to a healthy life.

Dennis the Dachshund - The Comeback

First Sight

In 2013, Brooklyn Burton, a nursing student, volunteered to help a family member clean his house. It was there where she first laid eyes on what she described as a “big blob with little, short legs.” It was actually Dennis, a 56 pound dachshund, who wasn’t receiving proper care and was living off pizza and fast food burgers. Brooklyn took Dennis to the veterinarian and immediately put Dennis on a strict diet and exercise routine.

On the Move

After two years of hard work that included diet, exercise and surgeries to remove excess skin to avoid infections, Dennis is now a happy and healthy ten pound Dachshund.  Before he was rescued, Dennis could only take a few steps at a time and needed to rest. Now, he is moving well and is very active!

Even after all of the weight loss, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is still very important. Dennis continues to exercise daily, drink lots of water and snack on his new favorite food, carrots.

Caring for Animals Locally

With Dennis back on a healthy track, Brooklyn has started a fund called Dennis’ Legacy in hopes of passing along what she has learned. The fund will assist eligible pet owners of obese pets to receive reduced costs for recommended food, rehabilitation, exercise therapy, and veterinary consults.